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1. Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry’
Committee On Sustainable Development and Investments

Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) on the Sustainable Development of the Real economy and Investment was founded by the decision of the Presidium of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce in 2000.

The Committee is a functional interdisciplinary consulting organization to develop proposals on specific issues to the MCCI Board (Presidium) .

Chairman of the Committee – OLEG CHERNYSHEV
tel. (495) 514-85-67,   e-mail: OlegComMcci@gmail.com

tel. (495) 725-89-04, e-mail: e.dvoryashina@gmail.com

The Main Goals of the Committee

- Promoting an enabling environment for business, comprehensive development of all types of business, economic development of Moscow and its integration, both in Russia and in the world economic system, the formation of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, trade and economic, scientific and technical relations Moscow businessmen with businessmen from other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

2. Agency on Sustainable development and Investments,
known as a Service Company of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry’ Committee from 2012,
also has a function of the Department of Strategic Planning and Investment of a Joint-Stock Company “CASCADE TELECOM’ Group of Companies, which history began in 1996.
The Agency (as a Department of Strategic Planning and Investment)
is responsible for the following activities:
- Strategic planning;
- Support of foreign economic activity;
- Developing mechanisms to attract investments;
- Implementation of work organization to conduct research and development;
- Carrying out expert work;
- Consulting and marketing activities;
- Creating a database of innovative developments and projects in the areas of activity of the Group of Companies “CASCADE TELECOM”.
More information about Group of Companies is available at
MISSION of The Agency is:
To provide holding companies with world-class services in the field of functional and systems management 
- organizing research and work on the counseling and coaching in the context of sustainable development in the form of public-private partnerships and cluster policy;
- organizing venture financing of innovative developments and projects;
- creating Data banks of innovative developments and projects;
- organizing and conducting expert works, as well as other statutory activities;
- offering real mechanisms of access to investment resources, based on the inter-chamber relations Chamber of Commerce under Russian and international cooperation
for the goal of transition of the real sector of the Russian economy to a sustainable development, ensuring continuous development and prosperity of the Company and each of its employees.
(Extracts from its Constitution)
1. The activities on constructive interaction between business and government in the economy, politics, culture, science, taking into account international agreements by using the mechanisms of public-private partnerships and cluster policy.
2. Encouraging earnings to the Russian Federation of foreign investment in the ongoing programs and projects.
3. Provision of expertise and the creation of expert communities in the directions of authorized activity.
4. Creating a data bank of innovations and projects that have passed the required examination.
5. The development and practical application of a set of recommendations for the implementation of programs and projects of public-private partnerships and cluster policy.
6. Venture financing of innovative developments and projects.
7. Working activities on the creation of regional innovation infrastructure: centers of competence centers for collective use of equipment, technology transfer centers, technology parks, business incubators and so on.
8. Organization of advocacy and representation work with state and municipal institutions. Providing legal and lobbying support for programs and projects, the system of interaction with the authorities at various levels.
9. Activities for interaction with Russian and international Chambers of Commerce, Unions, Guilds and other organizations of different ownership forms.
10. Management of foreign economic activity in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
11. Conducting education and information consulting work for the implementation of environmental activities in the territories of cities and other human settlements in the suburban areas, including sanitation, waste management, water treatment, land reclamation, landscaping and beautification.
12. Work on energy and resource conservation and introduction of different types of renewable energy sources.
13.The organization works in the field of design and construction of low-rise eco-friendly, energy-efficient housing.
14. Implementation of the Russian Federation and other countries of other types of services and activities not prohibited by applicable law.

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